Yarraleen Preschool prioritises child safety, ensuring all children are safe, happy, and empowered. The preschool upholds a zero-tolerance policy towards child abuse, treating all concerns and allegations seriously in line with comprehensive policies and procedures. It fulfills legal and moral duties to report safety concerns to authorities. Efforts are made to prevent child abuse through early identification and mitigation of risks.

Yarraleen employs stringent human resources and recruitment strategies to minimize abuse risks from board members, staff, and volunteers, who also receive regular training on child abuse risks.

The preschool is dedicated to the cultural safety of all children, including Aboriginal children, those from diverse backgrounds, and children with disabilities. Policies and procedures support this commitment, and all visitors and volunteers are required to have a Working with Children check.

For further information on child safety standards and procedures, the preschool recommends you download a copy a copy of our Commitment to Child Safety PDF