Online Application

  • Enrolment applications can be submitted on or after a child’s first birthday.
  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate and proof of address must be submitted with all applications.
  • All enrolment application forms must be accompanied by an enrolment application fee in line with Yarraleen Preschool’s Fees Policy of $30. This fee is to cover administrative costs associated with the processing of a child’s enrolment application and is not refundable.
  • Applications will be entered on the waiting list using the eligibility and priority of access criteria.

Offer of Places 

  • Tentative places will be offered in writing to applicants in accordance with the eligibility and priority of access criteria making clear that confirmation of places is not final until immunisation documentation has been received, assessed and found acceptable.
  • Yarraleen Preschool requires parents/guardians who have been offered a tentative place to provide acceptable immunisation documentation two months prior to the child first attending in order for their place to be confirmed.
  • Parents/guardians who do not wish to accept the offer of a tentative or confirmed place, or intend to withdraw their enrolment, are requested to notify our Enrolments Officer, in writing as soon as possible.
  • A Deposit Fee of $200 must be paid in accordance with Yarraleen Preschool’s Fees Policy on acceptance of your place, by EFT or credit card. to hold the place for the following year. This Deposit Fee will be deducted from the Term 1 fees.
  • Enrolment forms and other relevant information will be provided by Yarraleen Preschool to the parent/guardian after a confirmed place has been accepted and the deposit fee has been paid.