• Enrolment applications can be submitted on or after a child’s second birthday.
  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate and proof of address must be submitted with all applications.
  • All enrolment application forms must be accompanied by an enrolment application fee in line with Yarraleen Preschool’s Fees Policy of $30. This fee is to cover administrative costs associated with the processing of a child’s enrolment application and is not refundable.
  • Applications will be entered on the waiting list using the eligibility and priority of access criteria.
  • Closing Date for Enrolments is 31 May


  • Children can attend 3-year-old kindergarten at Yarraleen Preschool if they turn 3 by April 30th of the attending year.
  • For queries about readiness, parents are encouraged to consult with our educators.
  • Offers for tentative places are made based on eligibility and priority, with confirmation pending until immunisation records are approved.
  • Immunisation documentation must be submitted two months before starting for confirmation.
  • If declining or withdrawing from a tentative or confirmed place, please inform our Enrolments Officer promptly in writing.
  • A $200 Deposit Fee, deducted from Term 1 fees, secures the place upon acceptance, payable via EFT or credit card as per our Fees Policy.
  • Enrolment forms and information are provided after accepting a place and paying the deposit.


The government’s “No Jab No Play” laws require all children to be immunised according to their age before enrolment can be confirmed. Parents/guardians who are offered tentative places will be asked to provide immunisation statements to Yarraleen Preschool within 2 weeks of letter of offer that shows their child’s immunisations are up to date for their age or that an exemption applies.

Confirmation of a secured place is finalised after the documentation has been assessed. If a child has fallen behind with their vaccinations, or has a medical reason not to be vaccinated etc Parents / Guardians need to connect with the Preschool to discuss.

The Maternal Child Health Book is not acceptable proof of your child’s immunisation.

Further information on immunisation requirements for enrolment in early childhood services is available on the State Government’s Better Health Channel at