3 Year Old Kinder

Children are eligible to attend 3 year old kindergarten if they will turn 3 years old by the 30th April in the year of attendance.

It is important that children’s early educational experiences are positive as they provide the foundations for when they transition to school and begin their formal learning.

If your child is born in the months January through to April, you have the option of sending them in the year they turn 3 or waiting until the following year.

There are several factors that need to be considered when thinking about starting kindergarten. Age is one factor, but more importantly, we need to look at each child’s development and how they are able to cope in a social environment outside the family. For some children, this will be the first time being separated from their main carers.

All children are different, with their own personalities, experiences and levels of development. Whilst one child may be ready to begin their education journey at 3 years old, another may be better off starting a little later.

Questions to ask when considering if your child is ready for three-year-old kindergarten:

  • Will your child be able (with support) to say goodbye to you or the person bringing them to kinder and separate without a great deal of distress?
  • Will they be able to interact within a large group of children?
  • Can they follow a basic routine and instructions?
  • Are they beginning to show independence with self-help and toileting skills? For example, how confident are they in feeding themselves and going to the toilet unaided?

With the introduction of State Government Funding in 2022, children enrolled in a 3-year-old program will not be able to repeat the following year. A repeat year is only possible in the 4-year-old funded program and is subject to eligibility criteria. For this reason, it is imperative that if you have any doubts about your child being ready to start, you speak to one of our teachers prior to enrolment.

4 Year Old Kinder

As children begin four-year-old kindergarten there is a greater expectation that they can interact appropriately within a large group, concentrate, complete tasks, become involved in all aspects of the kindergarten program.

Questions to ask when considering readiness for four-year-old kindergarten:

  • Is your child able to interact and find a sense of belonging within a large group of other children?
  • Do they show an interest in the environment around them, ask questions and engage in self-directed activities?
  • Are they respectful of others and able to listen to and respond to those around them?
  • Can they follow instructions and respond to routines and guidelines?
  • Are they capable of focusing their attention and being able to complete a task?
  • Are they confident to separate from their main carers with minimal teacher support?
  • Are they beginning to show signs of becoming an independent learner and decision maker?
  • Can they take some responsibility for the kindergarten environment and resources? For example, looking after toys and equipment, helping to pack away, etc.
  • Are they independent in their toileting skills?
  • Are they showing progression in their self-help skills? For example, putting on their own jacket, opening their lunch box, etc.
  • Are they beginning to self-regulate emotions, behaviours and responses to others?
*Please note, these expectations are a guide. Not all children develop the same way and not all children will be ready to do these things at the same time. Our program is inclusive and considers the range and diversity of all children’s development and learning styles

We understand that this can be a big decision and our team are here to help. If you would like to discuss your child’s personal circumstances please email admin@yarraleenpreschool.vic.edu.au