Our Team

One of our biggest assets is our nurturing staff and their loyalty and passion for Yarraleen Preschool.

Nominated Supervisor/Educational Leader

Heidi Graham

3 year old – Possum Group

Heidi Graham

“Looking at things with children is a two-way street: just as you point out things worth noticing, they show you things you’ve missed.”

Rapunzel’s Supermarket, Ursula Kolbe.

I am the Nominated Supervisor and Educational Leader at Yarraleen Preschool and the educator teacher for the 3-year-old Possum group. I have a Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies which I completed at Melbourne University in 2000 and last year completed my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment at Box Hill Institute. Early childhood education has been a passion of mine for a long as I can remember. My first work experience was in year 10 at a childcare centre in Box Hil0l.

I have been in the early childhood profession for over 19 years taking time on and off to have 3 wonderful children. During the time my children were at kinder I joined the committee where I got to experience things from a parent’s perspective.

I love getting to know all the children, finding out their interests and skills, and encouraging and guiding them in their development. I believe in creating an environment where children are comfortable and confident to explore and learn and grow. An integral part of this, I believe is to develop strong relationships with not just the child but their families as well in order for each child to reach their full potential.

Most importantly I want kinder to be exciting and fun and for each child to look forward to kinder and the wonderful memories that will be made along the way.

Bernadette Sleigh

Hello Im Bernadette and I am the 3 year old co-educator. I have been at Yarraleen Preschool for 20 years.

I began working with children with additional needs which developed my interest in children’s development. I decided to return to study and obtain my Certificate 111 in childhood education.

My belief is children learn through play bases experiences encouraging exploration and curiosity Implementing open ended experiences in our programs help develop creativity and build self esteem.

Respect, caring and collaborative relationships with each child and their families make for a wonderful kindergarten journey.

4 year old – Rainbow Group

Eufratia Mandhela

My name is Eufratia and I am the Rainbow Group’s teacher. I have completed my Master of Teaching in Early Childhood Education from The University of Melbourne. I love to immerse myself in early childhood education and hope to one day do a research project about children’s development through the project-based learning.

I have been in early childhood sector for about 8 years now and I have two gorgeous girls of my own.

As an educator, I have genuine passion for children’s learning and development to be able to cope with the unprecedented change in their era. In today’s globalized world, I believe that children should embrace 21st century skills through interdisciplinary learnings. Such learnings are often made possible through project-based approach that stems from their own interest and that lasts for an extended period of time in order to give opportunities for the children to engage in complex challenges, problems-solving, resilience and questions. At the end of their year in Rainbow Group, I hope to be able to ignite their desire for learning and grow their soft skills such as social-emotional learning, critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity.

I look forward to having great fun learning with the children and creating a myriad of unforgettable moments in their first step towards meaningful education.

Elizabeth Guest

My name is Elizabeth Guest and I am the 4 year old group’s co-educator. I am qualified as an Educator with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Development. I am also qualified in gymnastics for preschool which is incorporated into our program. Im a mum of 4 kids, 3 boys and 1 girl and have always had a passion for working with preschool aged children.

I love to work on developing children’s skills further within a nurturing environment and help with their resilience whilst getting them ready for school. I am a big advocate for mental wellbeing, and developing skills for social and emotional learning, building resilience and assisting those who suffer with anxiety. I have completed a ‘Beyou’ course, that has cemented my skill sets and knowledge even further in the support of mental health and wellbeing in children and I’m proud that our preschool is a registered “Beyou” centre.

I cherish these years and find it incredibly rewarding watching the children grow and develop. They are so funny at this age and it is a priceless stage of their lives. Thank you for entrusting me to care for your children, I feel honoured.