Our Purpose & Mission:

To provide a holistic learning environment that nurtures all aspects of a child’s learning and to provide a safe and encouraging environment.

We aim to provide a happy, social and creative experience for individual children to develop their self-awareness, individual skills and attributes.  We believe this will give each child a strong foundation, both academically and socially, for school success

Our preschool offers:

  • Quality 3 & 4 year old educational programs;

  • A fun, caring and nurturing environment;

  • A well-equipped and maintained centre; and

  • Strong interaction and transition programs with local schools in preparation for starting school

Our programs are designed to provide:

  • a safe, fun and engaging atmosphere that motivates each child to explore, discover, learn, and acquire skills for school readiness.

  • socialisation opportunities that develop positive relationships with other peers and teachers by learning to share, take turns, care, ask and invite.

  • an enriching curriculum that has a specific emphasis on inclusive, play-based  learning, providing opportunities for children to learn as they discover, improvise, imagine and create

  • preparation for life-long learning by encouraging problem solving, listening skills, persistence, cooperation, independence and organisation.


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