Free Play

Children love to learn through play. During free play they choose from a variety of activities including pebbles, sand, water tables, cars, dinosaurs, playdough, building blocks, books, puzzles, the home corner and more.

Through inquiry-based learning, we invite children to explore interdisciplinary learning (numeracy, literacy, STEM etc) with various short and long-term projects

Mat Time

Different experiences during this fun time include singing, dancing, musical instruments and story time.
We also believe learning to settle oneself down for a time of reflection and calm is an essential life skill in our busy world, and we incorporate this at the end of each day.

Table Time and Art Projects

Individual and collaborative art projects sparked from a child’s interest allows them to mature in following directions, fine motor skills and creative expression.

Outside Play

Children love outside play time where they explore the natural environment and have adventures. They can swing, climb, dig, play games, test their physical limits on the climbing frames or express themselves through imaginative play. Being outside allows more space and freedom for children to explore big movements like running, jumping, kicking and throwing. All these activities are an important part of their physical and social development.

Lunch Time

Table manners, self help skills and socialisation are naturally and happily embedded as the children enjoy their snack and lunch times together.

Social and Emotional Learning

Social and emotional learning is an important factor in helping children develop crucial life skills that go beyond academics. At Yarraleen, we help achieve this by:

Building relationships with our families so that the children feel safe and comfortable.
Having warm interactions with the children and being responsive to their needs.
Arranging appropriate experiences that promote social and emotional development (for example, helping them take turns and sharing).
Having conversations and storytelling about emotions and social situations.
Providing a calm and safe space when they need help regulating their bodies and emotions.

Incursions and Excursions

We endeavour to provide a variety of incursions, excursions and events throughout the year. We love to get out and about in our community to places like our local shop and library, and of course we love to visit the park just outside!

Buddy Program

Here at Yarraleen Preschool, we have strong relationships with our local schools and we have times where our children are paired with a buddy from one of the local schools for activities in arts and music. This program enables the children to feel safe and cared for while the older children feel valued and respected.